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Twin-screw machine faults and treatment methods

  First, the temperature control system 
  1, the host a section of the temperature is too high 
  (1) cooling system failure: 1) check the solenoid valve is normal, under normal circumstances, the solenoid valve core disassembled with the air pump blowing; 
  2) water pipe or cylinder is Blockage 
  (2) Failure of the temperature control meter: 1) Whether the high temperature segment OUT2 light is on; 
  2) The shutoff valve is too small 
  (3) The solid state relay or the bidirectional thyristor is damaged: 1) Replace the solid state or thyristor 
  (4) The screw shear is too strong : Appropriate weakening 
  2. Temperature in a certain area of ​​the host is too low 
  (1) Failure of the temperature control table: If the temperature is too low, the OUT1 lamp is bright. 
  (2) The heater power is too small or the heater half is damaged or short-circuited. 
  (3) The closing valve opens too much. Large, disassemble the solenoid valve core with the air pump blowing 
  Second, the host system 
  , automatic shutdown 
  (1) pump failure: check the motor protection switch is tripped 
  (2) melt pressure alarm: check the melt pressure alarm value is correct; Head changing network; head temperature is low 
  (3) Current meter over limit: increase the host speed; reduce the amount of feeding; 
  (4) reduce governor failure: check the reason, reset after processing 
  (5) other auxiliary machine with which it is interlocked alarm 
  three, feed line 
  1, automatic shutdown: if the governor failure; feeder speed is too low; too material; feedscrews suitable material whether 
  four, the lubrication system 
  1, the pump does not work: inspection line; Check motor switch 
  five, the cooling system 
  1, Pump does not work: check the line; check the motor switch
  2. The cooling water does not pass through: the pump does not work; the amount of water is insufficient; the water pressure is between 0.2-0.4 MPa. 
  VI. Vacuum system 
  1. Vacuum pump does not work: Check the circuit; Check the motor switch 
  2. The vacuum gauge has no indication: 1) The valve is not open; 2) The leak is fast; 3) The vacuum pump water is too small; 4) The vacuum chamber is blocked; 
  seven hydraulic system 
  1, no pressure: 1) gate valve is clogged; 2) too little hydraulic fluid; 3) seal is broken; 4) oil damage; 
  eight, problems occur in operation of the machine 
  1, the gear box Oil froth: 1) too much oil; 2) gear box is not vented 
  2. Screw plasticizing effect is not good: 1) screw combination is too weak; 2) screw wear is serious; 3) temperature is not suitable 
  3, vacuum chamber takes Material: 1) The host speed is too fast; 2) The screw combination is unreasonable; 3) The material is not well plasticized; 
  4. The frequent breaks: 1) The material is not well plasticized; 2) The material impurities are too much; 3) The vacuum is not enough , Too many pores; 
  5, the material is too wet: 1) early water; 2) blow dryer and pelletizer position back; 3) reduce the host speed and pelletizer speed; 
  6, the material is too biased: 1) The temperature of the material is too high; 2) The pressure of the pelletizer is too high; 
  7. The length of the pellets varies: 1) The die is blocked; 2) The die temperature Uneven; 
  8, eager to block the pipeline: 1) the material temperature is too high; 2) add a paragraph before the three links; 3) one meter only, the elbow angle should not be too large; 
  9, the pelletizer can not live article: check whether Pressure 
  10, particles with burrs: 1) Check whether the cutter is flat on the die; 2) The gap between the fixed knife and the moving knife; 
  11. The temperature of the water tank is too high: 1) Check whether the external circulating water is water; 2) The water tank Location too low
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