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The role of gearbox and manufacturing technology

The external gears of wind turbine gearboxes are generally carburized, quenched and ground. The large-scale introduction of high-efficiency and high-precision CNC gear grinding machines has made China's external gear finishing level not much different from that of foreign countries. There is no difficulty in achieving the five-step precision technology specified by the 19073 standard and the 6006 standard. However, there are still gaps between our country and advanced foreign technologies in heat treatment deformation control, effective layer depth control, tooth surface grinding and tempering control, gear tooth modification process and so on.
Due to the large size of the gear ring of the wind turbine gearbox and the high processing precision requirements, China's inner ring gear manufacturing technology has a wide gap compared with the international advanced level, which is mainly reflected in the tooth machining and heat treatment deformation control of helical internal gears.
The machining accuracy of the box, planet carrier, input shaft and other structural parts has a very important impact on the meshing quality and bearing life of the gear transmission. The quality of the assembly also determines the length of life of the wind turbine gear box and the reliability of the gear box. . China's importance in the processing and assembly precision of structural parts recognizes that there is a certain gap between the level of equipment and advanced foreign standards. The acquisition of high-quality, high-reliability wind power gearboxes, apart from advanced design techniques and necessary manufacturing equipment support, is inseparable from the strict quality control of every link in the manufacturing process.
The gearbox has the following functions:
1. Acceleration and deceleration is what is often called a gearbox.
2. Change the direction of the drive. For example, we can use two sector gears to transfer the force vertically to another axis of rotation.
3, change the torque. Under the same power conditions, the faster the speed of the gear, the smaller the torque on the shaft, and vice versa.
4. Clutch function: We can separate the engine from the load by separating the two originally meshed gears. Such as brake clutches.
5. Allocate power. For example, we can use an engine to drive multiple slave shafts through the gearbox spindle to realize the function of one engine driving multiple loads.
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